Tell Woman on planeus about your in-flight experiences to win a £150 luxury chauffeured airport transfer

In our latest research we look at what women want from the in-flight and airport experience. We are also investigating the increase in reports of sexual harassment on board. Your help with enable us to drive the aviation industry to increase safety and services for female air passengers around the world.


Papillon LuckPapillon Luck, Health Entrepeneur and CEO of Fifteen Degrees Ltd.

In this interview, Maiden Voyage speaks to Papillon Luck, vibrant wonder woman, health entrepeneur, and CEO of Fifteen Degrees Ltd. We discuss her illustrious career, her ability to innovate, and she gives us a nutritional masterclass, designed to combat post-Christmas indulgence.

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Corporate women drinking coffee and takingWould corporate membership benefit your female employees?

Do any of your female staff travel on business? Are you sure that they are adequately supported? Do they understand the legal, cultural or even religious restrictions that might face them in the countries that they are travelling to?  Do they look forward to their business trips, or find the whole experience stressful and isolating? The Maiden Voyage Corporate Membership allows you to be certain that you are doing all that you can to support your female travellers.

Perhaps your travellers have colleagues staying at the same hotel, dining at the table next to each other and unaware that they work for the same organisation. Would informal networking with colleagues from different offices and geographic regions benefit your organisation? What if relationships and friendships were built amongst colleagues? 

Would access to our travel safety tips, information about local customs in key cities around the world assist you in your duty of care to employees and your employee CSR strategies? Are you sure that your employees are staying in a good, safe hotel, with adequate door locks, security and is situated in a good 'female-friendly' area?

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